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Playon Crayon ~ Box of 12 Pastel Colours

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Playon Crayon will bring out the joy in drawing for your little one. This is a pack of 12 pastel colours.

Fun + Stackable
Vibrant + Stain free
Strong + Easy to hold for little hands
Certified NON TOXIC
by ACMI (the Art & Creative Materials Institude, USA
CE mark (European safety standard)

Made from wax, Playon Crayons are certified NON TOXIC by the Art & Creative Materials Institute, USA and also have the European standard CE mark. Each Playon Crayon is 3.3 cm wide and 5.5 cm tall. This size, and their strong construction which prevents breakage, minimises the risk of choking (which may be more of a risk with some other “first crayons” that are not much larger than a lolly). The box is recycled and recyclable.

Colores brillantes, libres de tóxicos. Las ceras de más fácil agarre para las manos más pequeñas de casa.

  • Material : Cera – Certificada NO TOXICA
  • Recomendada para niños a partir de 2 años
  • Tamaño : Individual 3.3 cm * 5.5 cm
  • CAJA (12 colores) 10.5 cm * 5.5 cm * 8.5 cm
  • Resistentes 
  • Fácil de coger con sus pequeñas manitas.
  • Certificadas por la CE   

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