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Mizuiro inc. Vegetable Crayons

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Oyasai (vegetable in Japanese) crayon" is made from rice oil and rice wax extracted from rice bran and vegetable leaves. Although the crayon is not advised as edible, no harm will be made to children by licking or putting the crayon in mouth. Considering ordinal crayons are made from petroleum and artificial color, oyasai crayon is a game changer for parents who are raising small children.

Colors: Cabbage, Leek, Burdock, Yam, Corn, Carrot, Apple, Cassis, Purple potato, Bamboo charcoal (set of 10 colors)

Ingredients: Rice wax, vegetable powder, food coloring

Box Size: W111 x D174 x H29 mm

Precautions: Do not swallow. Crayons are not edible. Small children should be supervised by an adult.

Handling Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place.

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