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KNOK Case - Pony

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The KNOK case is the perfect accessoire for your phone for any situation where you need free hands, but still need your phone around you. 

 You can quickly and easily access your phone since is attached to your body. 

It is very useful for people working with their phone or using it a lot for taking pictures, listening to music, chatting, etc. If you do not usually have pockets to put your phone or if you always wonder where did you leave it, you need a KNOK case :)

- PPM cord : very resistant, does not take moisture / no smell, dry
- Brass : Clean elegant cord end terminations in brass material
- Anti-shock stable case TPU (It does not get yellow)
- Strap : 150cm long.
The necklace is assembled in Germany by hand. The products might therefore present minor differences between them. 
Please use it carefully. We do not guarantee the integrity of your phone.

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