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Baby Footprint - Silver

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Baby footprint is a unique invention to keep the memory of your little baby’s footprints alive. The box contains orthopedic step-in foam which will make it very easy to capture the little footprints of your kid.
You can choose whether you would like to keep the box open for everyone to see the little footprints or if you would like to close it like a book.

It’s best to do the prints, when your baby is asleep. The material is quite pressure sensitive, so it’s very easy to use it without a big effort.
Please note, that the color of the foam is not light-resistant and might loose some color over the years. That’s the reason why you can close it like a book and archive it. Don’t worry! The step-in foam is being used in orthopedic technology and therefore harmless for the sensitive baby skin.

- Material: Cardboard box filled with soft foam
- Dimensions: 12 x 8.5 x 5cm
- Weight: 50g
- Colour: White box / silver letters / pink foam
- Comment: Foam is usually used in the field of orthopedy
- Unit: 1 piece

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